16 Years

Stace & Margarita

We said I Do

It’s 16 years today since Stace and I were married. The years have gone by so fast. First of all I could of not asked for a better friend, lover and “Husband”! Stace is so patient, caring, giving, loving man. God blessed me when he put Stace in my path so many years ago.

Oh and did I mention he cooks? His cooking is amazing! 🙂

It has been crazy over the years with all the horse shows and clients Stace has helped with. He was always there to give a helping hand with a smile. All of my clients just loved Stace. I know there was times we just totally annoyed him…but he hung in there. 🙂

Then all the moving from place to place we have done. Wow…all the stuff “we” have. He always helped move every bit of it. What a great man he is!

All the new animals I bring home 🙂 he always let me keep them. Yes, he may fuss a bit but in the end the critters stay.

It has, and continues to be an adventure being together.


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