Clean Your Horse’s or Pony’s Hooves

Cleaning out your horse’s hooves is very important. Slide your hand down the left foreleg. Squeeze the back of the leg along the tendons just above the pastern and say ‘up’ or ‘hoof’—whatever your horse is trained to respond to. Hold the hoof and with the hoof pick pry out any dirt, manure or anything … [Read more…]

Natural Headache Relief Using Young Living Essential Oils

Natural Headace Relief Using Young Living Essential Oils

Danielle Minerva demonstrates this simple technique as taught by Young Living founder D. Gary Young for natural headache relief. It takes less than a minute and uses peppermint or an essential oil blend that contains peppermint such as Deep Relief or M Grain in a roll-on applicator. Watch the video below to learn the simple … [Read more…]

New Zealand Whites

New Zealand Rabbits

New Zealand White Rabbits are a breed of rabbit, which despite their name are commonly known to have been developed in the US. The original breeds that were used are unknown, but Suarez are believed to have played some part. New Zealand Whites have well-rounded bodies; slender and muscular faces with round cheeks; large, long … [Read more…]

Learn How and When to Trim Your Goats’ Hooves

Learn How and When to Trim Your Goats’ Hooves Trim walls level with sole. If sole is overgrow, trim carefully, one thin slice at a time, until first sign of pinkness. Know how you feel when your feet hurt? Well, it’s no different for goats. Out-of-shape and overgrown hooves can lead to illness, and even … [Read more…]