Awareness Campaign

Fibromyalgia is a chronic-pain syndrome whose origins have not been scientifically pinned down. Research is confirming its source lies in a complex combination of immunological suppression, damage to the central nervous system and neuroendocrine disruption. The result is a plethora of symptoms including widespread and persistent body pain, fatigue, cognitive confusion and disrupted sleep. It is not a terminal diagnosis but the symptoms are frequently quite debilitating and life altering in severity. Patients can become very isolated and estranged from the life they once led.

Each person experiences Fibromyalgia differently. Currently there is no cure or standard of medical care to treat this illness. Modern science is still unclear what causes Fibromyalgia or how to treat it effectively in all patients. But there is hope and life can improve. Each person has to educate and advocate for themselves to seek and find what works for them. We hope to be a stepping stone on this personal journey to reclaiming life back from chronic illness.

I’m here for you!!
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