Business Building

Business Building

There are many ways to grow your business. We will share what has worked for us and a few of the leaders we know well. The most important thing to remember is to do what feels good to you! Have fun! People want to be around others when they are healthy, smiling and enjoying themselves.

Here are some of the methods we have used:

1. Dear Friends Letters– When we first started in Young Living, we prepared a list of testimonials and attached it to our holiday letter! We let everyone know we went into business and how the oils and other Young Living products touched our lives. You can follow-up after the letter to ask if your friends know anyone that may be interested in what you have to offer or invite them to a Young Living home gathering.

2. Three-way Calls -When you have someone interested in learning more about the products or opportunity, do a 3way call with your prospect and sponsor (or other up line) to help answer their questions.

3. Connect over lunch, dinner, or tea -Invite a friend and share from your heart what is new in your life! Make sure you focus on your friends needs! Do not “fire hose” them with too much information! See the scripts!

4. Home parties -About 50% of our organization of members was built through home parties. Go to our home party page for details. A party can be as small as two or three guests or as many as 20 or 30! A great ratio is a maximum of 12 guests per distributor. If your team brings members, let it grow!

5. Workshops and Classes – Some distributors love to teach! Reach out to adult schools, libraries, women’s groups, support groups, holistic moms groups. Just type into the Google search engine a key word like women’s groups and your state and you will be amazed at the options available to you! Go to the Workshops page for ideas. You can even teach via teleclass!Free teleconfernce call lines are available at

6. Meet the moment in the middle! – Carry with you at all times, your business cards favorite oils, a few Ningxia travel packets, Thieves hand sanitizer, along with some literature and CD’s/DVD’s and you are ready to roll! (Make sure everything is labeled with your contact information and website!) If there is an event or party in your area, carry invitations! Some of our favorite brochures are listed in this handy reference.

Keep your Pocket EDR in the car along with a few product guides. You never know who you are going to connect with as you go about your daily activities. When it feels right, share the gift of Young Living. We have enrolled quite a few customers and distributors this way! Read Bread Winner, Bread Baker by Sandy Elsberg. She mastered this system and wrote a great book on it!! Go to our Scripts link to learn what to say!

7. Join a Networking Group -Go to to find a chapter near you. Or, better yet, start a chapter in your area! There are many networking groups to choose from!

8. Connect with Health Practitioners, Yoga teachers, Health and Wellness Centers, Fitness Centers – Introduce Young Living to your health care practitioners! These folks have a wide circle of influence and often resonate with the Young Living vision. Share your testimonials, share the oils, offer a few samples of Ningxia Red and share the literature (you always carry with you!) and watch your business grow!

9. Join and find groups that interest you nearby. There are so many avenues here. The list is endless. You can never say that you don’t know enough people! Just meet new ones… remember friends were a stranger once! You can even start your own Meetup group.

10. Utilize the Internet -This is huge. Social media is becoming the way of sharing online!

Facebook is fabulous for letting people know about oils and your home-based business!

Pintrest is also growing by leaps and bounds! There are other social media programs that we have not used yet.

Twitter is often used by the young and tech savvy generation. Let us know who is having success with Twitter.

Plus emails are still valuable! Use Marketing Scents for awesome follow-up. Marketing Scents now has media packs that you can send to prospects and fellow YL members. You can also post these packs on Facebook!

Marketing Scents email campaign provides over two years of well crafted emails (delivered automatically in a timely fashion) with just one step of effort to load in the name and address of your new customer or distributor!

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