Californian Rabbit

Californian Rabbits

The Californian breed of domestic rabbit was developed in the early 1920s by George West in Southern California. He crossed Himalayan breeds and the Standard Chinchilla rabbit breed and then crossed the offspring with New Zealand Whites. The purpose of this breed was to have a good meat breed that also had a good quality pelt. The breed did not become popular for at least 15 years after development. Today, the Californian rabbit is the second most popular meat-producing breed in the world after the New Zealand rabbit. The fur quality allows this rabbit to also be classified as a fancy breed.

The Californian rabbit has big ears (although not as large as the ears of Flemish Giants) and is large in size, weighing around 7 to 12 pounds. The original coloration of this breed was very similar to the Himalayan rabbit, with a predominantly white body and are black on the feet, nose, ears and tail. They have pink or red eyes due to a lack of pigmentation.

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