Using Young Living Essential Oils

Using Young Living Essential Oils The following how-to-use essential oils guide will show you how to experience their health-enhancing benefits: Inhalation Inhaling essential oils heightens the senses and can trigger numerous desired responses in the body. Follow these guidelines when using essential oils for inhalation: •Inhale directly—simply smell them. •Diffuse the oils using a diffuser, … [Read more…]

Feed Birds All Winter With a Homemade Feeder

It’s the time of year when the whole family tends to spend a whole lot of time indoors and backyard nature projects are pretty much non-existent thanks to cold weather and bare trees everywhere. However, although many animals are nowhere to be found right now, sleeping away the winter deep inside their hidey holes, there … [Read more…]

What is GMO

I have been hearing more and more about GMO on the news, friends and radio. We have been trying for several years now not to buy food with GMO in it. Plant our own garden. Raise our own meat. So with that said I started researching about GMO. This is a great article from Now … [Read more…]

Showing Rabbits At The Stockshows

We are so proud of each and everyone of you. All of your hard work paid of for this Stockshow season! CONGRADULATIONS! If you would like to see more go to our facebook page Hope you have a nice Day! I’m here for you!! Plant Your Dreams and Miracles Will Grow!!!

25 Chores Your 2-4 Year-Old Should Be Doing (And How To Get Him/Her To Work)

First of all I am a mother of three. When my children were growing up all three of them had chores. Now that all three are grown and out on their own I am so very glad I implemented chores when they were growing up. All three are doing amazing with their life’s! Check out … [Read more…]