Currying Your Horse or Pony


Starting on the left side or ‘off side’ use your curry comb or grooming mitt to loosen the dirt in your horse’s coat. This step is where you remove any mud, grit, dust and other debris before trying to put a real shine on your horse’s coat. Curry in circular sweeps all over the horse’s body. Be careful over boney areas of the shoulders, hips and legs. Use a light touch in these areas. Many horses are sensitive about having their bellies and between the back legs brushed (some love it). Be careful in these areas to use a light touch.
Some horses are more sensitive skinned than others so adjust the pressure on the brush according to what they seem to enjoy. If your horse reacts by laying back his ears, or swishing his tail in agitation, he is telling you that the brushing is too vigorous. As well as currying you will also be looking for any skin lesions or wounds. If you find anything, you’ll want to assess the injury and decide if you want to treat it yourself with something out of your first aid kit, or if you need a vet to treat it.

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