How to Enroll a New Member

How to Enroll a New Member

1. FILLING OUT THE FORM: Always keep a copy of your order forms and the Distributor Agreement. All information is necessary – PLEASE get the person’s email address. People with emails on file are more apt to order because it allows us to easily communicate to them about events, updates, and specials. As mentioned in “Types of
Accounts”, Young Living has three types of customers: DISTRIBUTOR, PREFERRED CUSTOMER, and CUSTOMER.
WHOLESALE MEMEMBER / DISTRIBUTORS: Name, address, phone, and email. Must have SOCIAL SECURITY or FEIN NUMBER. This is not negotiable; Young Living is required by the IRS to have this on file.
PREFERRED CUSTOMERS: Name, address, phone, and email. They are required to also participate in the Essential Rewards Autoship Program, with a minimal 50 PV monthly commitment. All products they purchase are priced at preferred customer price. They are unable to receive commissions for sharing the Young Living opportunity with others.
CUSTOMERS: Name, address, phone, and email. They purchase products at Customer price and are unable to receive commissions.
Be sure to put a name and member number in the “Enroller” and “Sponsor” section. You will ALWAYS be the Enroller. The Enroller is the customer’s initial contact; the one who introduced and enrolled them into the Company. The
Sponsor is the individual the person is directly placed under. The Sponsor may be you, or you might choose to place them under someone else in your organization, then that Distributor’s number will be written in as Sponsor. The Sponsor is the Distributor immediately above them. Distributors often place people into their organization when building teams or when they believe they would work well with a particular individual.

Your new customer accounts will have internet passwords and personal identification numbers (PINS) to ensure security. Either have the individual choose these, or you can initially assign them and they can personalize them
INTERNET SCREENAME: Customers may use this instead of using their member number to log into the Young Living website. Most people like to use a variation of their personal or business name.
INTERNET PASSWORD: The internet password will be between 8-12 characters or numbers. If you are assigning an internet password for someone, use something simple like their first name and the last four numbers of their home phone or first initial and last name.
PIN: This is a 4 digit code that members will need when speaking with Young Living Customer Service or Live Operator Ordering. If you are assigning someone a PIN, use something simple like the last four numbers of their phone, house number, or last four digits of their social security.
REMEMBER: The customer can always change passwords by calling Young Living or accessing their account via the Internet.
If you are taking an order during the initial enrollment, be sure to enter the item code, description, quantity, price, and total. Also remember to estimate shipping (use Price List) and local sales tax. If you are creating an Autoship with your new member, a method of payment is required on file for the monthly orders to be processed. Young Living accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, as well as electronic checks. For shipping, all of the weights for each product are listed in the price list to the right of the Product Name. On the bottom of the order form is shown the basic price categories for shipping. Remember, there is tax on shipping and handling. Standard shipping is FED-EX Ground Service. Inform them it may take up to 2 days for processing and 5 to 6 days for shipping. They may choose other delivery options such as FED-EX 3-Day, FED-EX 2-Day, or FED-EX Overnight.
The prices for each shipping method are included in the back of the Price List.

2. OBTAINING THE CUSTOMER NUMBER: After the order form is filled out, you have 3 options to get the info to YOUNG LIVING. Well, actually 4, but sending the form by snail mail is virtually obsolete!
A. You can call YOUNG LIVING directly at 800-371-3515. Best times to call are in the morning or evening on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. The busiest times are on Monday, Friday, and month end.
B. Faxing to 866-203-5666 is a fast way to get the customer taken care of. Be sure to have a cover letter stating your name, member number, and phone number in case Young Living has questions. ALSO, request they fax back a copy
of the form with new member’s account number and order verification.
C. The Internet is the preferred way to enroll people. It’s fast and convenient. Go to, click on “Sign Up Here”, and enter the requested information. If you get stuck on any of the fields, click the “Live Help” button. Remember, it is best for you to process your new member’s information to ensure the enrollment goes smoothly.

A Few Additional Words on Servicing New Customers:
Most people typically do not like the words “SIGN UP”. They feel trapped and panic when they are asked to “SIGN UP” for anything. Stating, “Could you fill this form out for me with your information so I can OBTAIN a customer number for you” or “Would you like me to help you establish a customer account with Young Living?”. Have the new
customer fill out the form, and then you can obtain his/her new member number. People love that you will do this for them. It is also great customer service and creates rapport with your new individual. It is important to encourage your customers to make repeat orders directly with Young Living. It is appropriate to assist a person with their first order, but encourage them thereafter to do it directly with the Company. A great way to introduce them to this is by either 3-way calling to the Company with you on the line, or walking through the process online with them. Share with them that they can order online, fax, or phone, whichever is most comfortable for them. This creates autonomy, and gives your more time to focus on growing your business. The key here is leverage and freedom!
I have the 3-way feature on my phone and know how to use it. It is encouraged that you do not sell the oils without enrolling your customer. This often happens to new business builders. They are SO excited about the products and that someone is interested that they sell product without markup or enrollment and will often not even cover tax and shipping expenses. Soon, new builders feel people are taking advantage of them due to all the product ordering, selling of products, and no downline growth. The feeling of being slighted and discouraged sets in. If someone does not enroll, it is suggested you charge a RETAIL price. Whether it is Young Living’s established Customer price or something else you feel that is appropriate. Many establishments set their own retail price at 50% above wholesale. For example, on a bottle of oil worth 20 PV, your retail price would be $30. This would cover your costs (product, shipping & handling, taxes) and profit. I have determined what my RETAIL price will be for products sold to customers who do not establish accounts with Young Living.
Another reason to personally enroll your customers is to ensure they are in YOUR organization.
There is a 90% chance they will not do it, or will wind up in another Distributor’s organization.
Unintentionally, it happens all the time. An example was when a distributor sent her prospective new
customer home with an order form with her member number on it as Enroller/Sponsor. The prospective customer lost it. He searched Young Living on the web and was directed to an Independent Distributor’s website. The order was placed, and another distributor got the credit and received a new customer without any work. The original
distributor found out a few months later that the “lost customer” had placed an order for over $1700! She did not receive credit for the sale because the customer was not included in her organization. OUCH!
You have assisted that new customer; you deserve to have them in your organization!

***Special thanks to Jennifer Crippen, YL distributor for preparation of this handout.
Excerpts are from her ebook, Success Manual.

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