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What is Essential Rewards?

Essential Rewards is a free program Young Living created which gives you rewards points that you redeem for FREE product when your monthly order is 100PV or higher.

Months on Essential Rewards, points you will earn over time:

• Months 1-6 you get 10% in points
• Months 7-12 you get 15% in points
• Months 13 + you get 20% in pints
While you’re in the 10% bracket, it may not feel like you’re gaining a lot…but wait until you’re in the 15% and 20% bracket…Wow, you can feel the savings!
When you begin making the switch over to Young Living, from toxic products you’re currently using, it can feel a little expensive at first. Our advice is…try to see past that and just know that after you get your household switched over and have everything in place, on Essential Rewards, you will most certainly feel the savings every single month…many times even less expensive than generic brands in stores!
You will find like we have that the Young Living essential oils and non-toxic products are extremely concentrated and last a long time. We recommend that you use the essential oils by the drop and other products in small amounts so as to not waste them.
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Different Customer Types and Essential Rewards

Note to wholesale customers: The minimum monthly order on Essential Rewards is 50 PV, about $50 wholesale, plus tax/shipping.
Note to distributors who will be sharing Young Living with others: you will want to be on Essential Rewards with a 100PV monthly order as this will make you eligible for bonuses as your team grows.
If you are a Retail Customer, you cannot be on Essential Rewards; Essential Rewards is only available to those who are wholesale customers and distributors. To be a wholesale customer simply sign-up under the distributor membership option, YL has combined the two for ease, wholesale customers never have to share or have a business.
You can join Essential Rewards any time after you become a member. You will find the link to join Essential Rewards in your YL Virtual Office (in the left column).

Benefits to You for being on Essential Rewards
• Essential Rewards is an easy way for you to get the products you enjoy each month.
• Change the products you want each month
• Get reduced shipping.
• Get Packs at great prices if you want –or- get any assortment of products you want.
• Choose your processing date- and – you can change your processing date anytime.
• Essential Rewards is perfect for those who want to switch from conventional products, it facilitates you in making the transition to a natural lifestyle and promoting your efforts in creating a “Green” home.

Using Essential Rewards to Make the Switch

Most households are accustomed to natural or conventional products found on store shelves. Making the switch over to using essential oils for everything from, First Aid to emotional wellness to cleaning your countertops in a concept that is new to many people. It is easy to do and only requires a little motivation from you to get into a new and delightfully scented practice.
The biggest difference between store products and using essential oils to replace other products is that all essential oils have multiple purposes and ways they can be used. This is a new concept to many because we have learned from childhood that we use a specific product for specific task, it’s not like that with essential oils.
A good example of this concept is Peppermint essential oil; it can be used in at least 26 different ways. Whereas, conventional products have one to three uses. Learn more on ways to Make the Switch and discover the world of chemical-free living like we have.
Another example is Lemon essential oil, here is a post on 34 Ways to Use Lemon Oil to give you an idea of the possibilities.
The way you would use Essential Rewards to make the switch is like this; each month order the things you use daily all month-long (such as the Thieves Ultra Toothpaste and Mouthwash, and the Thieves Household Cleaner for cleaning and in place of laundry detergents), and add to your order a different oil or two each month. This will give you a new oil to try out and discover every month before introducing new oil the next month. Making the switch happens gently over time and allows you to experience a whole new world of living mindfully and in better balance with the natural environment.
Overall, if you’re looking to make the switch to go truly natural, save your health and a lot of money – you can do it with Young Living and we can show you how.
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*Information is for educational purposes and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness. Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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