Farrier Day

Todd our farrier was here early this morning to do our horses feet.

Todd starts with our mini’s.
We have four mini’s. Princess, Sunshine, Lil Bit and Mr. T. All of our Mini’s are 36″ or shorter. I just love to watch them run and buck. It puts a smile on my face every time! They think they are big horses.


Lil Bit

Mr. T
It’s a good thing Todd is young. He has to get on his knees to do our little guy’s. Not very many farriers would do that. This is another reason we like Todd. All of the little guys where good for Todd and my mother-in-law Claudia.

Missy trim
Now Todd starts on our big guys. We have two paint horses. Missy and Toy Boy. Missy is a Breed Stock Paint. That means she is a paint with no white.

Toy Boy
We have our horses feet trimmed every 8 weeks. The horses hoof grows just like our nails. That is why we have their hoofs trimmed.
Todd is a very good farrier. He takes his time and makes sure each horses feet are done right. If you would like to contact Todd to do your horses send me a message and I will give you Todd’s phone number.
All of our horses was so good. Mom and I are so proud of our babies!!

I’m here for you!!
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