Feed Birds All Winter With a Homemade Feeder

Bird feeder
It’s the time of year when the whole family tends to spend a whole lot of time indoors and backyard nature projects are pretty much non-existent thanks to cold weather and bare trees everywhere. However, although many animals are nowhere to be found right now, sleeping away the winter deep inside their hidey holes, there are many types of birds who don’t disappear during the winter. They stay right where they always live, and if that happens to be a climate with a harsh winter and frozen ground then these birds can have a heck of a time finding food.

So, an easy-to-make bird feeder is a DIY nature project you can do with your kids smack in the middle of winter, and you can feel really good knowing that you’re helping to feed the hungry birds during the cold months. There are several really simple ways to make bird feeders, including covering a large apple in peanut butter and rolling it in birdseed and then hanging it from a tree with some yarn. For something a bit more long-lasting you can use an empty water bottle and a wooden spoon. Using an Exacto knife, cut an arch-shaped hole in the side of the bottle, a couple inches from the bottom. Make the hole the proper size so that that the spoon will slide into the hole and get wedged there. There should also be some space (the top of the arch) above the spoon for seed to come out and collect in the spoon. Next, cut a hole opposite the arch for the spoon’s handle to come through the bottle. Tie a ribbon tightly around the neck of the bottle to hang it from a tree. Fill the bottle with seed and you and the kids can watch birds perch on the spoon and eat their fill.

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