Fun Facts About Chickens

Heritage chickens

Did you know…

1. that toenails and beaks each have a blood supply and will bleed when injured or cut too short?
2. that some chicken breeds have 5 toenails on each foot?
3. chickens were first domesticated in India?
4. there are more chickens in the world than any other bird?
5. fear of chickens is called Alektorophobia?
6. that using a kitty litter scoop helps to clean out the nesting boxes in a jiffy?
7. that chickens are omnivores?
8. that chickens have their own language that has been studied by scientists?
9. chickens can breed with turkeys?
10. chickens recognize each other by the shape of their combs?
11. chickens can live to 20 years of age?
12. that the dance roosters perform for hens is called “tidbitting”?
13. according to scientists, a rooster’s larger wattle is thought to attract the hens

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