Home Veterinary Care for Dogs

Home remedies for our fur babies. I AM NOT A VET SO PLEASE CONSULT YOUR VET BEFORE GIVING ANY DRUG TO YOUR DOG. Over the years of having working dogs, raising dogs and having them as pet I have used home remedies for pain. There is times they are like us we get bumps and burses and just need a little something for pain. One of the over the counter medications I have used is aspirin over the years for short term pain relief. Aspirin You have to know your dogs weight so you do not over does. Over use can cause stomach problems and more. Again please be caucus of your dogs weight before giving to him or her.
Now they make canine aspirin that you can buy at Petsmart or a pet store near you. You keep the canine aspirin on hand now for your pets. Canine Aspirin

Here is a few web-sites to explain more about the use of aspirin for dogs. School For Champions http://www.school-for-champions.com/animalhealth/aspirin.htm#.UsrF-mCA3IU and Web-MD http://pets.webmd.com/dogs/guide/dog-pain-medications

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