How Long Is A Rabbit Gestation

Mom and Baby

Mom and Baby

A female rabbit (doe) is fertile all year long. The gestation period is around 28ā€“35 days, although most will kindle (give birth) at 31-32 days. A nest box should be provided for the new mother two days before kindling. The doe will pull fur from her dewlap (chin area) and, along with hay or other materials provided, will create a nest. The young are called kits and are born hairless, deaf, and blind . Fur begins to grow in by day 5 or 6 and after 10 to 12 days the kits’ eyes will open. At the age of three weeks their mother will begin to wean them off milk, meanwhile the kits will begin to eat hay and pellets. The average number of kits per litter is seven but can range from one to twenty-two. Because rabbits are induced ovulators a doe can become pregnant by the simple act of mating if conditions are right. A doe can get pregnant 72 hours after giving birth

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