Make Glove Buddies out of Those Extra Gloves

glove buddy
Gloves are a lot like socks, you find yourself needing to buy new ones regularly because you can never seem to keep a full pair around. Kids are forever losing one glove, which leaves many of us with boxes full of leftover gloves without a mate. Now you can put those mateless gloves to good use by making them the star of the show in a super fun craft. Making glove buddies is a super way to teach your kids the very basics of sewing and you end up with some adorable stuffed little friends made out of old wool gloves.

There are two styles of glove buddies you can make. You can either create a “squid” type glove buddy with the fingers pointing down like tentacles, or you can point the fingers upward as ears or antlers. If you want to make this style, you’ll tuck the thumb, middle and ring fingers down into the glove and use a rudimentary stitch to sew the openings closed. Then fill the glove with stuffing, filling the two fingers if you want them to stand up or leaving them empty if you want them to flop over. Next, stitch the hand opening closed to hold the stuffing inside. You can decorate your buddy’s face anyway you’d like, by sewing on buttons for eyes and scraps of material as a mouth, blushing cheeks, eyebrows and lashes, etc.

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