What are moon spots?

What are moon spots?




If you know me, you know I love my spotted animals. All my life I have had Paint Horses, Dapple Miniature Dachshund’s. Now I have goats. I’m slowly working the spotted one into my heard. In each of the animals I have owned the spots are called something totally different. So, now I’m learning what spots are called in goats. šŸ™‚

Moon spots are irregular, somewhat round spots of color on top of the coat pattern. They are randomly placed on the coat and have no order or pattern. Moon spots vary in color from light creme to dark brown. They can come in many different colors, but will never be true white or black.

Moon spots are a dominant gene, meaning either sire or dam has to have them in order to pass them onto the offspring. They will not randomly pop up, however, sometimes moon spots can be hidden on the coat. A moon spot can be just a few hairs, hidden under white (since white is not a color, but absence of color), or even so close to the goat’s color that it’s hard to notice. Some goats seem to easily pass on their moon spots, while others could be heavily moon spotted, yet never or rarely throw moon spots on their kids. Moon spots on kids often will start out dark and lighten up as they grow.

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