All Natural Horse and Goat Spray

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All Natural Horse and Goat Spray made with Young Living Essential Oils.
This is our fly spray that we use for our horses and goats. I like it for our milk goats. I know for sure there are No chemicals, No toxins in our milk! We used it all last year and it was SO effective.
Effective against biting flies, mosquitoes, horse flies, tick repellent.

During peak fly season, around the middle of July, you may want to double the number of drops of oils and it still only cost about half of what the commercial spray did. For about 2 weeks, I even tripled the number of drops. Still a savings over the commercial spray.

For a 32 oz. bottle cost to make $5.73. (Based on wholesale member price.) Commercial flay spray $20.99. Wow…what a savings!!

Horse and Goat Spray Recipe
30 drops Purification
30 drops Lemongrass
30 drops Citronella
Add to 32 ounces of distilled water
Shake well before each use.

I do use a plastic spray bottle! Never use glass in your barn – too much risk of breakage. I buy a heavy duty plastic bottle at my local Ag store. The sprayer never clogs and I don’t have any problem with the plastic.

Yes, you do have to shake it before every use – no big deal.

I did apply it at least twice a day. The oils evaporate off after about 3-5 hours. But, so does the commercial spray.

And it is so much better for our horses and goats.:) No chemicals, no toxins, no warnings on the label – just pure therapeutic grade essential oils and our horses love it!

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