Quick and Easy Home Made Bath Salts


One of my favorite sayings is “You Can Do It.” As a Stock Farmer you never know from day to day what hard work you will be doing. My body can be sore and achy by the end of the day. Here is my quick and easy way to slip into a relaxing bath scented with my favorite Young Living Essential Oils…..

First of all, you don’t want to just pour the essential oil into the bath while the water is running. Why? Because the essential oil will just sit on the top of the water and eventually stick to one part of your body or to the side of the tub. By adding it to a handful of Epsom salts, you will be dispersing the essential oil throughout the water. Here’s what I do: (are you ready? Pay attention because you just might miss it!) With my container of Epsom salt and opened bottle of essential oil on the side of the tub, I allow the hot water to begin to fill the bath. I scoop up a handful of Epsom salts and add 5-10 drops of Young Living Essential Oil. I then mix the essential oil into the Epsom salts by rubbing the blend together with my fingers as it slowly falls into the running water, rinsing my hand at the end. That’s it! You Can Do It! One of the reasons why I love this method, apart from its ease, is that I can use a different essential oil each time I take a bath. Very economical! No need to buy a ton of different scented bath products. I also feel safe in the knowledge that I am not using personal care products that contain harmful and toxic chemicals.

A peek at what Young Living essential oils I use:

Inspiration: for automatic brain downloads and to encourage new ideas
Humility: to check my ego
Inner Child: to engage my childlike self
ImmuPower: when I feel a cold coming on
Joy: some good old healing-heart energy after a long day
PanAway: after too much hard work with my animals
RC or Raven: chest or head congestion, creates a spa-like environment
Sensation: you know
Valor: to regain my balance

There you have it! Done!

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