When starting a business, it is essential to know what to do and what to say! In general, the most important thing to focus on is your prospect’s greatest interest, themselves! Please review the Wonderful Language for Young Living Distributors Handout. Also click here to watch the webinar on communications! This is a must-watch for getting a feel on how to best communicate with someone new, how to handle objections, diffuse resistance, and much more. You will be amazed at how easy it is to create rapport with someone!

One great way to introduce what you do to new people is the Elevator Speech.

The Elevator Speech:

When you meet someone in a social or business event and someone asks you what you do, what do you say? Is it short, sweet, and something that entices a person to learn more? That is an elevator speech.

An elevator speech has some interesting features:
1.First, ask a question that most people will say yes to!
2.Then deliver a description of what you do that ties into that question.
3.Here is an example of a product based elevator speech for Young Living distributors:

“You know how people are looking for natural solutions to their health issues and are unhappy with the side effects of drugs? Well, what I do is offer natural health products that address many of the common health challenges that do not have side effects.”

Here is an example of a business based elevator speech:

“Do you know how many people are concerned about not having enough money to retire and enjoy the same lifestyle they have today?”

Here are few more examples used by our leaders that combine both the business and product together:

Example 1: Do you know how many people would love a natural alternative for drugs with all of those horrible side effects? I share natural alternatives to OTC and pharmaceutical drugs for many of the common issues that plague people…and they are totally safe and smell great!

Example 2: Do you ever feel like you don’t really trust the current medical establishment with your health concerns and you need to take your healing into your own hands? Well I work with products and practices that help you to do just that AND make some extra income too!

Here are some scripts (& recommended tools) for each phase of the business cycle:

1. Getting to know your potential client or business prospect

2. Introducing the product

3. Introducing the business

4. Inviting someone to a oils party or workshop, opportunity meeting, or workshop

5. Asking for the order, providing the different buying options

6. Inviting someone to go onto essential rewards

7. Follow-up emails, letters, and calls after the order has been received.

8. Inviting someone to host a Young Living gathering

9. Inviting folks at a gathering or workshop to host a gathering

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