Shredding Pasture

Rains over much of the state have pastures turning green for the first time in a while. But, as grass begins to rise, so are the weeds. We have to deal with weeds before we can think about applying fertilizer. “Otherwise, we are just fertilizing the weeds,”

While native pastures are not sprayed or fertilized, improved pastures are. Native, organic pastures are typically shredded to control weeds, which is the only rationale for mowing or shredding a pasture rather than spraying it for weeds.

“Shredding is your main management tool for an organic producer, but for any other kind of operation it makes no sense,”. “It’s one of the most expensive machines you can hook up behind a tractor.”

“Right now, the pastures are trying to regain strength,”. “They’re putting their first leaves up and sending nutrients down as sort of a savings account. The hardest part of having a savings account is getting it started. Once you do that, it gets a little easier to put a little money away.

“That’s where we’re at with pastures. They’re just now starting to put some nutrients away. They won’t recover if every time the plant puts out a new leaf it gets eaten away. A lot of this comes down to stocking rate. They might have to run one cow to 15 acres while the pastures recover. It’s like with the economy, it’s going to take some patience, and we need to get some more rain.

“Rain and time. That’s what it’s going to take.”

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