Tips for Success

Once you’ve signed up as a Young Living Independent Distributor, maximize your success with these tips.

1.Become a product of the product.
How? Use the product! And be your own best customer. Then you can share the product with passion and belief and become a walking testimonial of the power of the Essential Oils.

2.Share your enthusiasm.
How? Introduce this amazing product to others! Let people know that if they want to live a healthier, more energetic life, they need to be using Young Living products every day! Find five to ten good customers who generate three to five times your monthly personal sales volume to help you successfully launch your Young Living business. Keep oil samples on hand and hand them out with your card. This is effective in generating customer purchases.

3.Teach others to share.
How? Identify people who are overworked and underpaid, dissatisfied with their current employment, or who want to make extra money. Then, help these people with steps one and two above. The effectiveness and power of Young Living Products makes it simple to share and easy to market.

4.Become educated.
How? Attend all company-sponsored trainings and events and learn how and why Young Living Products works so well. The time you invest to become educated about the product at company-sponsored events will make a remarkable difference in your sales. The trainings and events are also a great opportunity to bring guests who can also catch the vision

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