Today On Our Farm

This morning was nice and cool. The first thing I did was to check on our mama goats. They are due any day. But, no babies today. They are still very round. So needless to say I was a little disappointed :(. But, the babies will be here soon.

Our chickens was so ready to be let out of the chicken house. I have a hen setting on eggs. So we may have baby chicks.

The horses was good today for me. They must of been hungry so they went right in there stalls.

By 8:00 AM I was in the rabbit barn feeding, watering and cleaning cages. We had babies born last week. They have grown so fast. They already have hair and moving around the nest box.
Baby Rabbits

My mother-in-law Claudia came out and cleaned the horse stalls for me. She is such a blessing.

We work hard so we treated ourselves to breakfast in town. It sure was good.

We visited our feed store in Nixon TX. Had to buy feed to keep all my critters full and happy. Nixon Feed is very helpful with all our needs. They are good people.

My day has been full of cleaning and taking care of all my critters. Also cleaning our home and taking care of us :).

Worked on making Goats Milk Soap. Getting ready for a craft show this month. I will give you all the info about our craft show soon.

I’m here for you!!
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