Use the Body Brush to Whisk Away Dirt

brushing horse

After currying the body to get rid of the coarser dirt it’s time to go to work with a body brush. This longer bristled, but still stiff brush will get rid of what the curry comb missed. With the body brush, whisk out the dirt brought to the surface. Start on one side and move around the horse brushing in sweeping strokes following the direction of the hair growth. Some people find the body brush is more useful for cleaning the legs than the curry comb. All the curves and angles on the legs make it hard to get the curry comb to do a complete job. So you can use the body brush, sometimes quite vigorously, to remove any remaining dirt. This is a good time to check for lesions and skin irritations on the legs, knees, and pasterns like small cuts and nick, or perhaps even problems like grease heel.

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